Exam success for St. Lawrence College pupils

The wait for the 2017 exam results for IGCSE, AS-Level and A-Level pupils is over and once again the standard of achievement from SLC pupils has proven to be remarkable. 

At IGCSE, 59 pupils took a total of 470 IGCSE examinations, and the results were outstanding. Of those 470 IGCSEs, precisely 235, which is exactly 50% of the total, resulted in either an A* or an A grade. This is super impressive – last year this measure was 44% of all IGCSEs. This year’s achievement of 50% of all IGCSEs receiving an A/A* grade was only bettered in one of the last five years of IGCSE examinations at our school. What is more, 27% of all IGCSEs resulted in an A* grade – making A* by far the most frequent grade among all the IGCSEs. 

A frequently employed measure among British schools is the proportion of candidates who scored five or more IGCSEs of grade C or better, with the national UK average hovering around 55% each year in the UK. For St. Lawrence College IGCSE candidates this year, 91% managed to secure at least 5 IGCSEs of grade C or better. This is particularly pleasing given that for a significant number of our pupils, English is not their first language. Many pupils did very well, collecting multiple A*s; but Anastasia Samaras deserves a special mention for her extraordinary haul of nine A*s and one A among her IGCSEs. Congratulations to her!

AS and A-Levels
At AS-Level and A-Level our Year 12 and 13 pupils took on many more exams compared to last year, with 89 pupils sitting for 316 AS and A-Levels. At both AS-Level and A-Level the most frequent grade awarded was A. Extra impressive was the number of A*s that were awarded at A-Level. A total of fourteen A*s were achieved by Year 13 pupils compared to six last year, with this year’s haul including four A*s in Biology alone, from a class of thirteen pupils. At AS-Level, where the highest achievable grade is A, around one in three of every AS-Level sat resulted in an A grade.

At AS-Level there were particularly exceptional performances from Alessandro Gressani who achieved straight A grades in his four AS-Levels (AAAA), Alex Petropoulos (AAAA), as well as Ivy Hewett (AAAAA) and Emily Holden (AAAAAA).
A-Level pupils are on their way to higher education, with the majority of our Year 13 students progressing to universities in the UK. Achilleas Papadimitriou’s achievement stood out. His astonishing four A*s plus one A (A*A*A*A*A) takes him to the University of Cambridge, where he will study Chemical Engineering. Other impressive performances included Tanya Malhas (A*A*A) who progresses to UCL for Pharmacology; Nathan Marks (A*A*AC) who will study Biochemistry at the University of Warwick and Rosie Vorri (A*AAA), on her way to the University of Durham to study Law. Other students are progressing to universities such as Bath, Essex, UWE Bristol, King’s College London, Sheffield, Sussex and Queen Mary London to study subjects as diverse as Economics, Film Studies, Languages and Culture, Business Management, Sport and Exercise Studies, Mechatronics and Robotic Engineering, Accounting and Finance and Computing Science. A full list of the universities and courses that our school leavers will attend will be posted at a later date but for now, congratulations to all those pupils who are on their way to university to study.