The Services Society

St. Lawrence College has a proud tradition of helping the community through its Services Society which meets on a regular basis, throughout the school term, during break and lunch times, as well as when the need arises for immediate action. It organizes a variety of fundraising and charity events for the Children’s Village SOS in Vari, the Soup Kitchen in Anavyssos, as well as for various humanitarian crises that come up over the year. The Society regularly visits charity organisations in order to gain hands-on experience and understanding of how they function and respond to crises.

Helping one life at a time

The Society was created with the objective of developing initiative and leadership, providing pupils with the experience of working closely together to achieve a common goal and, above all, preparing them for useful citizenship by instilling in our pupils a sense of duty and volunteer spirit. Members of our Services Society learn about the principles of good citizenship and are encouraged to take an active interest in the civic, cultural, social and moral welfare of their community. They are provided with role models of service-minded people who contribute to the community without personal financial reward, and promote high ethical standards in both public and private endeavours.

Last but not least, pupils who get actively involved in the St. Lawrence College Services Society develop compassion, patience, strategic and organisational skills, while also honing their leadership qualities.