Here at St Lawrence College in the junior school, we ensure that home learning is given to each child as and when they need it in order to reinforce the learning that they have done in school. 

In Reception and Key stage 1, we emphasise the importance of learning together and sharing the experience.  We ask you and your child to participate together in a set of essential, regular tasks that are set by your child’s teacher. These are tasks such as reading together, practising flash cards or sharing a numeracy worksheet. 

In Key Stage 2, we view home learning as an opportunity for further development of responsibility for learning. The quality of homework is more important than quantity, therefore we will only assign your child the homework he or she needs in order to consolidate a concept or skill taught at school. This may be a literacy or numeracy task, a project to be done independently or with the participation of others, or studying for an upcoming piece of assessment. 

We believe that appropriate home learning tasks complement and reinforce classroom learning, foster good lifelong learning and study habits, as well as help to strengthen the link between home and school.