Charitable Works in the Junior School

As a school, St. Lawrence College works hard to give back, not just to the local but also to the global community, through continuous fundraising. Our school’s value statement is reinforced through positive acts of charity that foster a sense of community, respect and meaningful tolerance towards others near and far.

We support a range of national and international charities, so as to raise awareness around social issues, as well as to develop our children’s sense of empathy towards those less fortunate than themselves, and emphasise the importance of reaching out to help others in their time of need.

...always committed to making a positive contribution to other people’s lives...

From sending supplies to charities supporting refugees here in Greece to sponsoring children in Ethiopia, the St. Lawrence College community is firmly committed to making a positive contribution to other people’s lives and always eager to actively take part in all fundraising activities, extending the hand of friendship and showing how much we care.

We also focus on how to make giving a relevant and more appealing value to exhibit for our young people. We understand how vital it is to instil in them an ethos of generosity. That’s why we provide our pupils with clear information about the impact a chosen charity makes. Representatives are invited to school to speak at assemblies, or we hold our own assemblies and tell the children about their charitable work in order to explain to our young people how they are contributing to a collective effort.

Pupils are very keen to support charities and vibrant fundraising activities regularly take place to support a wide variety of causes, especially around the holidays. Non-uniform & Crazy-Hair Days, collections of urgently needed items, raffles of wonderful gifts donated by generous parents, bake sales, craft sales, sponsored walks and making and selling loom bands are just a few of the events organised by our staff and pupils to raise funds and donate to those in need.

The Red Cross, Make-a-Wish Foundation, Smile of the Child, The Salvation Army,  Save the Children and ActionAid are just a few of the charitable organisations we have supported throughout the years.

For the past 15 years, with the proceeds from the school newspaper, pupils of the junior school have sponsored two children from Ethiopia through ActionAid and have seen for themselves the difference their support has made to their lives. Through our correspondence with these children, the pupils of St. Lawrence have come to know that they have provided them with food to eat, an education and a brighter future.

Every December, pupils from our junior school choir spread the spirit of Christmas and cheer up the older residents of a local nursing home by singing Christmas carols. The residents enjoy joining in with the singing, and their appreciation warms the heart of everyone involved.