Key Stage 4 (Years 10 & 11)

This Key Stage is dominated by the first public examinations that a pupil takes, the IGCSE exams, which are sat at the end of Year 11. These two-year courses are selected in Year 9 after extensive discussion and guidance. Currently at St. Lawrence College, all children in Years 10 and 11 take Mathematics, English (Language and possibly Literature), Greek and Physical Education (which is not currently an IGCSE subject). Pupils also select five more subjects. This will be one subject from each of the following four groups:

  1. Chemistry / Business Studies
  2. Physics / Geography
  3. Biology / Information Technology / Art & Design
  4. French / Chinese / Spanish / Information Technology / Art & Design
  5. History / Physics / Extra English (non-IGCSE subject available to some pupils)

Note that although some subjects appear in more than one option block, is not possible to select the same subject more than once. Pupils receive continual guidance and support in order to aid their progress. They are assessed thoroughly and regularly and advised, where appropriate, as to whether they should sit for the extended or core option in specific IGCSE subjects where these options exist. Year 11 pupils sit mock examinations in March, by which time most, if not all, IGCSE syllabus content has been covered. These mocks give a clear indication of the position the pupils are in and on what areas they need to focus their final preparation as the real examinations approach.

Before pupils complete Year 11 and Key Stage 4 they receive orientation guidance and advice concerning what lies ahead. They learn about Key Stage 5 education, what A-Levels mean and the choices they might make with a view to higher education and career paths. The parents of pupils in Year 11 also receive this orientation guidance in separate sessions to their children.