Key Stage 1

Pre-Key Stage 1

Reception is the first year of primary school in the UK and is closely linked to Key Stage 1 which is comprised of Years 1 and 2.

In Reception class, children learn a wide range of skills through an equal balance of self-initiated activities and more formal class teaching methods. They are taught by one of our three experienced Reception teachers, aided by qualified TAs (teaching assistants). Children at this age are exposed to a broad and rich curriculum with units of teaching based on topics which expand their horizons and prepare them for their formal start of primary school in Year 1. More specifically, throughout their Reception year, pupils embark on the phonics, literacy and numeracy programme that they will continue to pursue throughout Years 1 and 2. 

In Year 1, their curriculum is extended to cover a greater range of subjects including those with specialist teachers, such as Music, Computing and Greek language lessons which begin during year 1. Class teachers and TAs thoroughly cover every area of need and facilitate a rapid rate of learning that takes budding pupils to an excellent level of competency in literacy and numeracy. 

Reception and Year 1 classes reside in the same area of the school, thus teachers work closely together to ensure a smooth transition between stages. This creates a natural progression for pupils who have attended Reception class with us, but is also a very careful process which caters for the needs of pupils who join us at this stage from other schools, nurseries or kindergartens.

By the end of Year 2, our pupils have grown and developed into capable, independent young learners with a skillset that ensures they can cope admirably with future challenges ahead. They are well prepared by a dedicated staff of teachers and teaching assistants who provide a rich, nurturing environment for every learner. 

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