Special Educational Needs/Learning Support in Junior School

Here at St. Lawrence College we aspire to promote inclusive education throughout the school and cater for the needs of each one of our students.

All our teachers are teachers of SEN and differentiation comprises an integral part of their teaching; this may involve multi-sensory and creative approaches, which facilitate an effective and productive learning environment.

We respect that every child is unique -we have pupils of varying skills and abilities and it is essential that we identify their additional learning needs through observations or screening, so as to make sure that we are always aware of pupils who require additional support to achieve their potential and reach their goals.

we create individually tailored educational programmes to meet our pupils’ needs...

For some students, the additional support may be temporary, whilst others may require assistance on a more long-term basis, either through in-class support, one-to-one withdrawal or teaching in a small group. In each and every case we create individually tailored educational programmes to meet our pupils’ needs, where necessary.

We have a committed learning support team consisting of an experienced Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO), a Learning Support Coordinator as well as learning support assistants.

We aim to provide an environment that promotes self-confidence and personal success, by identifying children’s strengths and encouraging them to make the most of the areas they excel in.

As always, we listen to parents, advise accordingly and act on their concerns. We also regularly liaise with external specialists in order to gain better understanding of our pupils’ needs.