Junior Duke

St. Lawrence College is pleased to be a Junior Duke School.

Junior Duke is not associated with nor endorsed by the Duke of Edinburgh's Award. It is an original and creative initiative from Capable Kids, and is an award that offers opportunities for growth, achievement and learning. It covers a wide range of practical, real-life skills. This Award has been running in schools since 2007 and has helped thousands of children aged 5 to 13 to realise their abilities and, for some, to discover new talents and passions.

In Quality Improvement and Professional Engagement (QUIPE) inspections at its original Scottish school, the report made special mention of the scheme and received a special commendation for its 'innovative practice.’ It was described as 'sector leading' and expansion was recommended.

St. Lawrence College has a well-established history of offering its pupil body more than simply classroom learning. This award is key in developing young children's life skills in a safe but adventurous manner, so is a welcome addition to our home learning programme. The award is voluntary, non-competitive and very family oriented. It does of course, require dedicated time out of school for successful completion of its annual goals. It is available for all pupils, starting from the Reception level children who strive for the Micro Duke award, through to children in Year 6 who persevere for the Platinum Junior Duke award.

“I hope that, over the years, thousands more children can achieve new heights and grow in confidence through taking up this Junior Duke challenge,” says founder, Dawn Waugh.

Further information can be found at Capable Kids - Creators of the Mini Duke, Junior Duke & Senior Duke Awards