Health and well-being

At St. Lawrence College, we take your children’s health and safety very seriously and have two qualified nurses on site to cater for the needs of our community here at school. In case of a pupil being in need of medical care due to sickness, injury or an ongoing medical condition, we are able to offer professional help.

The school has a well-equipped nurses’ station, with a suitable area for treatment and a bed for pupils if pupils need to rest and recover after an incident. Our nursing staff are able to treat minor injuries, attend to illnesses, administer prescribed medication and offer support to pupils with on-going conditions. In all instances, they communicate any treatment given at school to parents/carers by phone, email or in the homework diary, and will always contact parents/carers immediately in case of emergency.

Their responsibilities also include monitoring and recording the pupils’ well-being and physical development as well as working with pupils, teachers and parents to promote good health and well-being for all pupils.

Parents are asked to complete a medical questionnaire before their child joins St. Lawrence College, and they are always welcome to contact us to discuss any particular concerns at any time.