SEN/ Learning Support - Senior School

We focus on supporting your child whatever their learning needs. 

Our aim is to promote an inclusive and well-rounded education throughout all levels and all facets of school life and beyond. That’s why we make it a priority for all our pupils to work in an environment that develops self-confidence and personal success.

...pupils receive a combination of class, group and individual lessons...

We place great importance on the experience of hands-on learning and make sure that our pupils receive a combination of class, group and individual lessons, in order to maximise the benefits of different teaching and peer learning methods.

As our educational philosophy is not restricted to academic learning aiming at educational qualifications, we make it our focus to provide for every child’s educational needs with flexible educational targets and the appropriate learning support during school hours. Access arrangements for internal and public examinations are provided as needed.

Our experienced Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO) is there to provide support and screening tests for specific learning difficulties, and to refer students for a formal diagnostic assessment when necessary, while also liaising with external specialists for a better understanding of one’s individual requirements.

Guided by the needs of our pupils’ families and with the children’s best interests in mind, we are always here to listen and advise on follow-up support at home. We actively encourage parents’ involvement throughout our pupils’ learning experience in order to ensure a happy and productive school life for all children and families alike.