Internationally British

Here at St. Lawrence College more than fifty nationalities are represented among our pupil body, making our school a truly global community. This rich tapestry of cultures, along with an unrivalled international school experience, allows us to translate the nuance and ethos of a traditional British school into a vibrant and modern international learning environment.

Our curriculum has a strong British foundation but is uniquely adapted to the needs of our international and multicultural student body. It is this wonderful and unique combination that makes us truly, internationally British.

Our ethos and values are woven into our curriculum as well as in every aspect of school life.

In line with these principles, St. Lawrence College holds high expectations of both staff and pupils, as we strive to achieve the highest academic standards and quality of learning. Our ethos and values are woven into our curriculum as well as in every aspect of school life.

The provision of a first class pastoral care system, a wide variety of cross-curricular activities and an explicit focus on the development of the child as a whole are all features of the British education that St. Lawrence College provides. All these go a long way towards developing and nurturing such qualities as resilience, self-confidence, adaptability, tolerance and an international way of thinking.

Our facilities provide ample opportunities for different cultures to interact and our British curriculum is enriched by multicultural exchanges. Thanks to an atmosphere of calm, discipline and respect, our pupils are bound to feel comfortable and confident in their school environment. It is this unique learning experience that allows them to develop all the necessary skills, values and attributes that are necessary for them to thrive within an increasingly fast-paced and competitive world.