Here at St. Lawrence College, we teach both PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education) course and P4C (Philosophy for Children) from the earliest opportunity. In the Early Years classes, our young pupils are learning how to form new relationships whilst developing self-confidence, awareness and independence, which enables them to acquire the confidence to learn independently. Opportunities to develop self-awareness are encouraged constantly as our young pupils develop the social skills needed throughout their schooling.

we believe that citizenship provides a core value in education ...

From EYs onwards, the children are taught PSHE weekly and its core values are central to many areas of the curriculum. The Jigsaw platform forms the basis of our PSHE lessons and are formally embedded in our timetable so as to create lessons where there is deeper. Children follow the Jigsaw PSHE which has a whole school approach to each topic. It links emotional literacy, social skills and spiritual development alongside an integrated mindfulness approach in order to support our pupils’ learning. This term the PSHE lessons will cover the topics entitled: Being Me in My World and Celebrating Differences.

P4C is about how to use a philosophical approach to the curriculum. It is an approach to teaching and learning where children are taught how to create their own philosophical questions. The teacher, as facilitator, supports the children in their thinking, reasoning and questioning, as well as the way the children speak and listen to each other in the dialogue.