Counselling psychologist Marialena Kalyva Dragazi will be talking to parents, and taking questions, on the subject of “Internet and Gaming Addiction”. The presentation will be in English and will take place in senior school. Parents who are attending should make their way to the senior school reception area from where they will be directed to the room hosting the presentation. 
The problem of children suffering addictions to the internet and online gaming is a concern for many parents, I know, and so I ask you to contact either telephone or email the senior school ( or junior school ( to let us know if you plan to attend this presentation. 
Ms Kalyva Dragazi has worked with the staff of St. Lawrence College in the past and, being aware of how knowledgeable she is, and what an effective communicator she is, I am very pleased that she has agreed to return to our school to speak to parents on this important theme. In addition to making this presentation, Ms Kalyva Dragazi will be in school for two full days working in several year group sessions with pupils from Years 9-13 on the theme of self-esteem and the worrying problem of self-harming among teenagers.  

The presentation will take place at 9:00 am on Monday 11th December