2019-2020 school year:

Due to the emerging pandemic, St. Lawrence College, along with all schools in Greece, first closed on Wednesday March 11th 2020, and immediately switched to online learning.   The remainder of the school year saw further closures and part-closures and several restrictions when pupils were allowed into school. Public examinations were cancelled and IGCSEs, AS-Levels and A-levels were awarded with the exam bodies making use of school assessed grades (SAGs).

2020-2021 school year:

Pupils from different year groups have experienced different degrees of school closure through this school year. Whenever pupils have been unable to attend school due to a government directive that sections of the school must remain closed, pupils have been offered a complete and full timetable of all lessons on their curriculum through the use of the Microsoft Teams platform. This has ensured the best possible delivery of teaching and opportunity to learn given the challenging conditions. The school has been proactive in its efforts to uphold and safeguard the mental health of its pupils and have engaged pupils in all parts of the school, providing pupils with opportunities to express their concerns and feelings as the closures and restrictions have been extended.

Many other aspects of daily school life, as well as lessons, have shifted to online. School assemblies, orientations for parents and pupils transitioning between Key Stages and extra-curricular activities, from Model United Nations conventions, to Forensics and Debate tournaments, have been held online and have proved remarkably successful.

Pupils in Years 11-13 have again seen their IGCSE, AS-Level and A-Level examinations cancelled, with these qualifications being awarded through school assessed grades in coordination between awarding bodies and our school.