What trips and excursions does the school organise?

Visits/excursions/outings to places of local, regional and national interest are ongoing throughout the academic year, be they to the zoo, museums, observatories, farms, theatres, workshops, woodlands, university departments, book exhibitions, factories, airports, art galleries, street markets etc. We probably average 50-60 such visits annually.

What happens if a child is absent?
  • In the case of any absence, a letter of explanation must be provided by parents upon the return of the child to school. 
  • The school reserves the right to ask for the withdrawal of a child after an extended absence for reasons other than illness. 
  • It also reserves the right to keep a child in the same class for more than one year if for any reason too much work has been missed and the child is not up to the standard of the rest of the form.
What if my child knows little or no English?

Don’t worry! Our school has built up extensive experience in the teaching of English as a second language and is highly experienced at welcoming children with limited English and of all ages. The school operates an intensive English programme for such children. There is an E.A.L. class (they are very small, between 1 – 5 pupils) at every level.

What contact do parents have with the school?

We encourage and maintain close contact with the parents. 

  • Regular “Parent – Teacher Afternoons” are held at which parents meet teachers and discuss their children’s progress. 
  • Each teacher is available for ½ hour every week to see a parent anxious to speak to the teacher over a serious matter requiring attention. Indeed teachers frequently take the initiative by contacting parents first.
  • The majority of parent-teacher communication is now conducted by email. All teachers have their own school email addresses, but in the first instance, parents wishing to write to teachers should address their emails to either seniorschool@slc.gr or juniorschool@slc.gr as appropriate, making it clear to which teacher the email is directed.
What languages are taught in the School?

Apart from English, there are classes in Modern Greek, French,  Spanish and Mandarin Chinese.