Year 8 Action Science Project

Year 8 Action Science Project Senior School

This term Year 8 pupils have demonstrated excellent research and critical thinking skills by completing an action science project. We are delighted to be sharing the outcomes with you.

The pupils chose topics relating to our Year 8 science curriculum, particularly our Chemistry unit 8E and Biology unit 8C. These are 1) climate change and extreme weather events, 2) electric cars and 3) smoking. They carried out a pupil-directed collaborative research process, giving over much of their personal time, thus going above and beyond their normal science work.

First, the pupils became involved in secondary research, collecting and analysing information from articles and the internet. Then, they designed a primary research in order to learn more about their chosen topics. This took the form of surveys and/or experiments. Their final step was to utilise their findings in a way that would make a positive difference to their community, mainly by informing members of the public.

Through their actions, the children link knowledge gained in lessons to everyday life, as well as undertake the responsibility to seek sustainable and equitable solutions to controversial issues. Thus, they make a vital step towards becoming active citizens.

Below you can find the pupils’ actions: