Debating is back!

Debating is back! Senior School

After 3 years of online tournaments, our debaters were back debating face to face over the past two weekends. On the 12th of November,  a team of 10 pupils took part in the St Catherines tournament and last weekend 6 debaters went to the Deree University Invitational. At St Catherines, Theodora Farmakidi and Constantinos Zafeirakis broke to the semi-finals, but lost a close debate about how to deal with the cost-of-living crisis. At Deree, Kimberley Wang and Dora Svitsunova made it to the final for novice teams but didn't manage to defend the idea that they regret the 'chosen one' trope in popular culture.  It was great to be back in person and we are looking forward to continuing the tradition of successful debating at St. Lawrence.

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