A Tremendous Time on Tinos

A Tremendous Time on Tinos Senior School

On Saturday 11th March the IA Silver group departed school for their final expedition. The 6:00am start meant there were many bleary eyes and sleepy faces, especially amongst the Year 11s who had only just finished their mock examinations. The promise of a weekend hiking as well as a rocky ferry journey rapidly increased everyone’s energy levels. Once we had arrived pupils finalised their routes and had them checked, and then embarked on the day’s hike from Tinos town to Volax.  The pupils battled high wind speeds and variable weather as the steep slopes tested their fitness and navigation skills, especially the ascent up to Exomvourgo. However, on arrival to the camp the weather settled and pupils were able to enjoy a beautiful sunset over the boulder fields of Volax (see photo!). The next day involved returning to Tinos town via a different route, with the charming Cycladic-style villages of Falatados, Mountados, and Karia all taken in as well as stunning panoramic views of Mykonos, Delos, and Syros in the distance. Well done to everyone involved for such a mature and diligent attitude!

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