The Yale Alley Cats

The Yale Alley Cats Entire School

The pupils of Years 5 to 8 were treated to a hugely entertaining performance from a visiting choir on Thursday 23rd March. The Yale Alley Cats may be their name, but they are anything other than wailing alley cats - they are an exceptionally talented acapella choir. Each of these accomplished of young men is currently studying at the prestigious Yale University in the USA, so clearly, they have more than one string to their bow. They are touring several cities and countries during their Spring Break, and we were lucky enough to have them visit us too. The pupils of St. Lawrence College sat in raptures listening to the wide range of songs and they were very entertained by humorous elements in the show as the choir added stand-up comedy to their list of merits.

Many thanks to The Yale Alley Cats (available on Spotify) for a most enjoyable experience here at school.

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