2023 Public Exam Success

Senior School

2023 Public Exam Results Success

The anxious wait for exam results is over now as IGCSE, AS-Level and A-Level results have been released, and it is now possible to draw conclusions and assess the performance of our school’s exam candidates from the 2023 summer exam session.


Year 13 and A-Level

Ahead of these results being released there had been substantial coverage in the media that the exam bodies would be strict in their marking this year, believing that the impact of the covid pandemic is fully in the past. This may have led to anticipation of lower marks, but even so, the performance of our Year 13 cohort has been impressive. Across all A-Levels taken in the UK, 27% were A*or A grades. At our school, 45% of all A-Levels taken were awarded A* or A grade.  One in six of all the A-Levels taken were awarded an A* at St. Lawrence College, compared to only one in every thirteen A-Levels across the UK.

More than a quarter of our school’s Year 13 pupils (19 of the 72 pupils) achieved straight A*/A grades across all their subjects. One in every six A-Levels resulted in an A* while just under half were an A* or A grade. Indeed, an “A” was by far the most frequent grade awarded, being easily more common than the second most frequent, a “B” grade, with “A*” being the third most frequent grade across the Year 13 cohort.

In terms of performance within subject areas, more than half of all candidates achieved at least an A grade in Biology, Chemistry, French, Further Mathematics, Geography, Greek and Physics A-Levels. Particularly impressive were Biology and Further Mathematics where the A* rate was 47% and 27% respectively.

Many pupils did extremely well, with the following being truly outstanding: Nikolaos Synodinos (4A*), Dingnan Huang (3A*), Yuqian Liao (3A*1A), Foteini Kalamatianou (3A*) and Timothy Tay (3A*).

For our pupils now completing school, there now faces the transition to universities and colleges around the world. A very small selection of these, to give an example of the variety, includes UK universities such as Queen Mary London, Imperial College, London, Warwick, Edinburgh, Manchester, Durham, and UCL London. Also, we have pupils taking up courses at universities in the USA, Italy, The Netherlands, Hong Kong, Canada, Cyprus, Austria and Spain. Just as varied as the destinations, are the degree courses our school-leavers will be starting, which include Aeronautical Engineering, Business Management, Neuroscience, Philosophy, Economics, Dentistry, Accounting & Finance, Fine Art and Law.


Year 12 and AS-Level

At AS-Level, where “A” is the highest possible grade (A* doesn’t exist at AS-Level) global assessment was once again set to pre-pandemic standards, leading to an anticipated moderation of grades among schools across the UK and around the world. At our school, our Year 12 cohort performed very admirably, matching the achievements of typical years over the pre-pandemic era.

That more than one out of every three among the 253 AS-Levels taken resulted in an A grade demonstrates this. Indeed, with “A” being by far the most common outcome, with a frequency twice that of any other individual grade, the collective AS-Level achievement can be considered impressive. 

Analysis by subject reveals that at least half of all pupils’ AS-Levels in Art, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Greek, History and Physics resulted in either an A or B grade.

Across the entire cohort, 14 of our pupils in Year 12 scored straight A grades. Among those were Dimitrios Grigoropoulos (5As), Huijie Cathy Su (5As), Kleopatra Anastassiou (4As), Yunhan Emily Chen (4As), Paris Larios (4As), Yun Zena Li (4As), Efstathios Pettas (4As), and Ziqing Tracy Qian (4As).


Year 11 and IGCSE

More than one in three pupils (34%, or 28 of the 82 pupils) scored either straight A*/A grades or had a majority of A*/A grades as their results from IGCSEs.

Analysis of specific subjects reveals that at least half of all pupils scored A* or A or B in Biology, Chemistry, Chinese, English Language, English Literature, French, History, Mathematics, Physics and Spanish; and in most of these subjects, half the candidates or more achieved at least an A grade. Overall, 42% of the 625 IGCSEs/GCSEs taken resulted in an A* or A grade, while 80% scored at least a C grade.

Pupils who achieved notable success include Konstantinos Zafeirakis (8A*,1A), Despina Salachas (8A*,1B), and Guoguo Chen (7A*,1A,1C)

Well done!

St. Lawrence College Headmaster Phil Holden commented “These results reflect the hard work of so many of our pupils and indicate that anything is possible with determination and perseverance. I also congratulate and thank our outstanding teachers and school staff, right across St. Lawrence College, for all their hard work that has led to these achievements through the last school year and throughout these pupils’ education building up to this point. Finally, I wish our school leavers every happiness and success as they embark on the next stage of their lives, whatever that is. I hope they will keep happy memories of their school days at St. Lawrence College!