Year 10 trip to Lavrio

Year 10 trip to Lavrio Senior School

On Monday 4th December, our Year 10 pupils participated in an educational trip to Lavrio, organized by the Greek Department and the Assistant Head of Key stage 4.
The day started with a visit to the Technological & Cultural Museum of Lavrio, where pupils enjoyed a guided tour of the museum and mining galleries. They had the opportunity to interview former miners from the metallurgical factory and took part in practical workshops, gaining experience and information about ancient mining techniques and the importance of mining in the development of Attica in the old times.
The workshop at the museum added a practical and scientific dimension to their knowledge, deepening their understanding of historical mining practices. Then followed a visit to the ancient theatre of Thoriko, the oldest theatre in Greece, which provided the pupils with a unique insight into the architectural evolution of ancient Greek Theatres.
To culminate the day, pupils spent some time exploring Lavrio town and enjoying local food.
It was a day filled with valuable experiences, combining new knowledge and cultural insights.

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