Sports days 2024

Entire School

Over the past couple of weeks, the annual sports days and running events took place for the junior school and high school pupils.
Pupils in years 1,2 & 3 took part in their annual flat races and their sports day incorporated 9 different displays of skills which they have worked on throughout the year. Whereas pupils in year 4-9 took part in track & field events such as running, high jump, long jump, tug of war and shot put.
This was the first year our pupils of years 4 and up enjoyed using the brand-new track and they managed to set many new school records in various events.
Junior school and high school pupils alike worked hard leading up to these events, and created sporting memories that will last them a lifetime.
Thank you to all the parents who were in attendance cheering from the sidelines and made the events that much more memorable!