A Rock-Climbing Experience for Year 9

Senior School

On Friday 12th April our Year 9 pupils began their journey to Mount Parnassos eager for the adventure that awaited them.

Upon arriving in the region of Amfissa, we were warmly greeted by the climbing experts of Trekking Hellas. With their guidance, we embarked on a scenic hike to reach the climbing area of "Portes." After a refreshing picnic, our guides wasted no time in imparting the fundamental rules and techniques of climbing, which we eagerly put into practice on the natural rock walls. With ten different climbing routes of varying difficulty set up by the Trekking Hellas team, every participant found their perfect challenge.

The following day we returned to the climbing area for another day of adventure. Under the watchful eye of our guides, we developed our climbing skills even more, pushing ourselves to new heights with each ascent.

As we bid farewell to Delphi Valley and embarked on our journey back to Athens, we couldn't help but reflect on the memories created during our time together. Our adventure in Mount Parnassos was more than just a physical achievement; it was a testament to the spirit of exploration and bonded us as a group. As we eagerly anticipate our next escapade, we carry with us the memories of cliffs conquered and friendships strengthened!