Let’s Walk for the Burn Survivors of Greece: A Community United

Senior School

On 21st May 2024, St. Lawrence College organised a charity event in aid of Salvia, the Greek Association of Burn Survivors.
The sponsored walk took place on our school grounds, transforming a typical day into one of compassion and unity. The event was more than just a walk; it demonstrated the incredible spirit of our school community coming together with the shared purpose of supporting an important and worthy cause.

We thank Salvia for all the important information we have been able to share with our pupils through our PSHE lessons on fire and burn prevention.

A special thank you goes to Zagori and Mr. Chitos for their kind donation of water for the event, keeping us all hydrated as we walked.

We also extend our thanks to the British Embassy for their assistance in translating and printing informative leaflets on burns, burn treatment and burn survivors rehabilitation.