Bakers at Work Junior School

Children in Year 4 have been learning about where our food comes from in Geography this term. They have thought about how different ingredients are exported and around the world to fulfill our needs.

On Monday, 13th June, 2016, Year 4 pupils visited the Karamolengos bread factory in Koropi. They learned about the different ingredients needed to make bread and where these ingredients come from.  Later on, they enjoyed a guided tour of the bread factory where they looked closely at the different stages of bread-making. Did you know that 6000 loaves of bread are made in one hour in this factory which never turns its ovens off at all? Can you guess how many loaves of bread are made in 24 hours?


After the visit to the bread factory, the children enjoyed a lovely afternoon at Varkiza Park by the sea, where they had a picnic lunch before heading back to school and enjoying a cool and delicious ice-cream. What a treat of a day that was for the last week before summer!