Adventures in Reception Class

Adventures in Reception Class Junior School

'It is a happy talent to know how to play,' Ralph Emerson.   

And learning through play has been producing huge smiles recently. Some of our youngest pupils, the 5-year-olds in Reception class, have been having a whale of a time lately here at school, and on trips to other adventurous destinations too. While learning about the letters of the alphabet during October, V for Volcano made a particularly spectacular impression with mini-erupting volcanoes made from vinegar, food colouring and baking soda to liven up their day! In addition, the topic of Journeys ended with a game of 'Going on a Bear Hunt' around the revamped classroom environment with long wavy grass and oozing sticky mud! Then on Monday, 7th November, it was time to trek off to Paradise Park in Aharnes for an entertaining day of puppetry. Wooden puppets were creatively painted and decorated and there was even time to take a ride on Marino the pony and play on the trampoline before returning to school, tired but happy. Oh what fun it would be to be five again!