"Mediocrities everywhere…"

"Mediocrities everywhere…" Senior School

Mediocrity was certainly not on the menu on 2 February, as 94 members of our St. Lawrence College community breathlessly watched Peter Shaffer’s AMADEUS, as it was broadcast live from the Olivier Theatre in London, to our very own Megaron!
Our ever-growing group of theatre goers watched in awe as the riotous villain, Antonio Salieri, played by Luciano Msamati, plotted the demise of the genius Mozart. The play skilfully brought to life the story of the uninhibited, young prodigy Mozart as he arrives in Vienna, the music capital of the world, determined to make his mark. Amazed and simultaneously tortured by Mozart’s genius, Antonio Salieri, has the choice to either promote Mozart’s talent or to bring about his deeply disturbing end. We all thoroughly enjoyed this larger than life production and watched awestruck as Salieri had to finally admit to and embrace mediocrity.  

St. Lawrence College regularly attends National Theatre Live’s productions in Athens. So far, we have enjoyed: Hamlet, Jane Eyre, No Man’s Land and Dangerous Liaisons.