Early Years Family Open Day Success!

Early Years Family Open Day Success! Junior School

On Friday, 12th May 2017, the Early Years department at St Lawrence was full to the brim with youngsters who are already enjoying their early education with us, as well as many other children who are planning on doing so. The Open Day, which introduced our staff to new groups of youngsters and introduced those children and their parents to us, was a big success all round. 

There was a wide range of activities that the children participated in: mini tennis, yoga, PSHE, maths, literacy, movement to music and of course singing too. Every face was smiling and everyone looked really pleased to be a part of such a fun day.  From 10:00 am when the activities began, until their winding down session which included a plentiful buffet at 13:00, the happy cries of children having a whale of a time echoed throughout the garden and the whole of the Junior School.

We look forward to welcoming these children back come September. Well done to the Early Years staff who put so much effort into that day, as they do each and every day!

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