Eat, Sleep, Rugby, Repeat!

Eat, Sleep, Rugby, Repeat! Junior School

Well you know what they say, rugby isn't just a game you play, it's a way of life. And boy oh boy were the children of years 5 & 6 finding that out on Tuesday 28th March. The rugby bug has definitely hit our school as the children are starting to feel the pull of this super sport. As it's still early days yet, the children play tag rugby which teaches them how to learn all the important skills of the game without the danger of tackling and body contact. With equally enthusiastic pupils from St Catherine's School to compete against, there was much to play for this week, all in the friendliest of spirits of course. 

Mr Rizos, the rugby coach, was very pleased by the response and feedback he got from staff, pupils and parents who came along to watch. The senior school rugby players who helped to referee were also impressed at the children's drive and determination. Watch this space for more action to come!