Being Different Yet United

Being Different Yet United Junior School

The beauty of the world lies in the diversity of its people. This holds true no matter where you look around you, and the significance of the idea it portrays was illustrated with care and vitality by the children of Ms Gkogkou's year 5 class on Friday 31st March in their annual class assembly. 

With a thoughtful look at how we are all seem to be so different in our ways according to our cultural norms, the children showed us how similar we really are. They gently reminded us how insignificant our differences are when we look at the bigger picture. Does it matter whether we greet people with a kiss, a hug or a shake of the hand? No, of course not. What really counts is how well we cooperate and get along - seeing our similarities and finding common ground. 

Bravo Year 5 on a super assembly. 

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