Forensics Success

Forensics Success Senior School

Another very successful year for the SLC Forensics team, as our Debate Team won for an unprecedented 3rd year in a row at this year’s Panhellenic Forensics Tournament. Overall, the team came an impressive 3rd out of 21 participating schools from all across Greece, meaning St Lawrence have been ranked in the top 3 schools every year since 2013.

The tournament took place on 16th – 19th March in Thessaloniki. We had 6 Finalists in the Sweepstakes events and 4 Honourable Mentions, and our 2nd Debate team qualified for the Quarter Finals. One of our debaters, Rosie Vorri, ranked 1st individual speaker in the Debate competition. 

Debate Team – Winners:
•    Achilleas Papadimitriou
•    Nicholas Short
•    Rosie Vorri
•    Isabella Kontogianni
•    Anastasia Samaras

•    Ioanna Moirasgenti (Group Discussion)
•    Eleni Giamas (Oral Interpretation, Comic)
•    Nathan Marks (Oral Interpretation, Dramatic)
•    Rosie Vorri (Oral Interpertation, Dramatic)
•    Artemis Spyridis & Iokasti Spyridis (Dramatic Duet)
•    Alexander Shtefan & Maria Christina Michaelides (Comic Duet)

Honourable Mentions:
•    Rebecca Jackson (Oratory)
•    Rosie Vorri (Impromptu)
•    Nicholas Hagis & Nathan Marks (Comic Duet)
•    Rebecca Jackson & Nadia Papazarcadas ( Comic Duet)

Many thanks to our Head Coach, Ms Stafford; Debate Coach, Mr Courts; and all coaches, Ms Grivas, Ms Kladouchou and Ms Iliadou for all their help. The team spent long hours and a lot of Saturdays at school practising, and it is wonderful to see them achieve such remarkable results every year.