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On Saturday 27th May, 2017, the St Lawrence Junior rugby team made us proud when they took part in a rugby tournament in Glyka Nera against the Attica Springbox Academy. They played with passion and committment in their first tournament that allowed them to experience the game as a contact sport of strength and skill. The number of rucks they took part in, their tries and above all else their strong tackling were all reasons to admire their guts and determination.

  They came away with a very respectable result table of one win and one loss, giving them overall second place. Their coach, PE teacher Giannis Rizos, was exceptionally pleased with their performance.

 "The boys really showed what they were made of - they weren't afraid and they went for every opportunity to tackle that they had!" he said with a smile.

Well done to Ivo, Hugh, Max, Jack, Charalambos, Andrew and Gregory on a fantastic debut into the world of rugby tournaments with school. We look forward to the next action-packed event with bated breath!

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