"With a little help...

"With a little help... Junior School

...from my friends," was the title of the assembly put on by Ms Treharne's Reception class on Friday 2nd June 2017. The story of the Rainbow Fish who wanted to play with all the other underwater creatures was told sweetly by our 5 year olds. There was a starfish, an octopus, a shark and a stingray too. The moral of the story was that 'Caring is Sharing' as the rainbow fish realised she had to give away some of her beautiful shimmering scales to the other sea creatures. The octopus told her, ‘You will no longer be the most beautiful fish in the sea, but you will discover how to be happy,' because she'd have so many friends.

The children happily sang the Beatles song ‘With a little help from friends’ and ‘Sunshine in my heart' with Ms Bakewell accompanying on the piano. Bravo to the children and many thanks also to the parents for their help with the wonderful costumes that really helped to bring the whole performance to life on stage!

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