Autumn Festival 2017

Autumn Festival 2017 Entire School

It barely felt like the end of summer, let alone autumn, on the warm evening of Friday 20th October 2017 when the St Lawrence community put on its biggest bash of the year. Wizards, witches, ghosts and skeletons filled the school grounds and the smell of sizzling souvlaki enticed everyone to eat, drink and be merry! 

The night was the finale to a two-day celebration in the junior school which saw the return of the classic Spook House created to shock and thrill the children in traditional Halloween style! In addition to the treats, food and drink on offer, there were of course the fantastic pumpkins on display; they seem to get more creative and ambitious in design every year! 

The senior school also used the opportunity to support the charity Khora which helps refugees here in Athens, and the school council gave children the opportunity to throw wet sponges at some of the senior school pupils, all for a good cause!

When the pumpkin class prizes had been awarded and the music was finally turned off, the party came to an end, but what a success it was! Here's to next year!

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