Geography Head to Mt. Parnassos

Geography Head to Mt. Parnassos Senior School

Year 10 Geography pupils went to Viotia, in central Greece, for a two day trip last week to gather data for their IGCSE coursework. On Mt. Parnassos they investigated the impact skiing is having on the soil and vegetation. In the stunning town of Arachova they evaluated the effect of tourism on the environment by conducting litter, traffic and environmental quality surveys. They interviewed locals to ask them about whether the town has changed economically and socially/culturally due to it being a tourist honeypot.

After gathering information for their projects, the pupils then enjoyed a guided tour of the ancient Delphi site and the museum. Moreover, they spent an afternoon by the sea in beautiful Galaxidi. All the pupils were enthusiastic about having the opportunity to do their tourism research in the field. As well as learning, much fun was had by all!