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Christmas is the time of giving and sharing! What better time could there be to show our care for people less fortunate than us than this time of the year! Once again the spirit of Christmas shone in our school and the pupils and teachers of the Services Society are very happy to thank all of their classmates and all of the parents who helped with the collection of basic toiletries, clothes and school supplies for the Saronicos Young Volunteers Group. Our school has a long tradition of assisting the Soup Kitchen in Anavyssos which is part of this group, especially at Christmas time, and our donations and contributions are always appreciated. The young girls and boys of Anavyssos showed their appreciation by a nice message of gratitude and by offering to us a special “box of gratitude” made by them inside which our pupils can collect little notes of things they are grateful for and this information can later be exchanged between them. What a lovely idea to remember from time to time that there is always something to be grateful for! And what better way of finishing the year but by the giving of practical things for everyday needs and, above all, giving of love and showing of care. Well done and a big thank you to parents, pupils and teachers!