Self Defence Senior School

Women today, even in developed countries, often suffer discrimination, harassment and, in some cases, violence. The motive may be robbery, racism, sexual violence, etc. It is, therefore extremely important that women are able to protect themselves in difficult situations by staying calm, knowing when to move away and if necessary informing the authorities. 

This is why the school organised a self-defence seminar on Friday 02/02/2018. The seminar, organized by Krav Maga Global instructors: Pavlos Gyparis and Philippos Salapatas, offered an introduction to women's self-defence techniques that can help a woman be more in control if she finds herself in a threatening situation. We hope that it also helped  the girls of Years 11, 12 and 13 who took part and are preparing to leave home to go to university, acquire a useful skill that will stimulate their self-confidence.