2018 Armistice Day Events

2018 Armistice Day Events Senior School

In commemoration of the Centenary of the end of World War I, we invited our Senior pupils to learn more about the war and its effects through an assembly and a display in the History Department. We also held a competition calling on pupils to produce creative writing, paintings or sculptures based on the theme ‘Peace’. The artwork and creative writing produced by our pupils was evocative and original. The winners of the competition were Maria Kritikou (Year 12) with her poem 'He never writes', Veronika Tomchani (Year 9) with her painting 'Armistice Day' and Sotiria Lourida (Year 9) with her model 'A Message of Peace'.

Here is an extract from our winner's poem:

He never writes

She sits and knits

For a long-forgotten cause.

She sits on her rocking chair.

Trying to soothe her wounded soul.

She cries herself to sleep at night.

And curses herself when she wakes at dawn.


She pointlessly watches

The shadow that crawls under the door,

The dust that dances in the light,

The handmade carpet, lying on the floor.

Why so much extra space, she ponders.

Who was it for?


She rocks herself on and on,

Counting the minutes, the seconds,

That he’s away from home.

‘Died honourably in action’

To be decorates so many times

With medals that would weigh him to the ground.

His passport to a new home.


The foolish boy!

He has forgotten her!

He never writes to her anymore.


Maria Kritikou