2019 public exam results: the best for many years!

With 273 A/AS-Levels and 420 IGCSEs being sat by a total of 143 pupils, the 2019 examination cycle was an extremely busy one, culminating in the release of results this week.


And what amazing results they were!




Quite simply, our school pupils’ A-Level results were the strongest in many years, and by a significant margin!


51% of all A-Levels taken achieved an A or A* grade (up from 34% in 2018 and 35% in 2017). To put this in context, across the UK this year, an average of 25.5% of all A-Levels taken achieved A grade or higher.


Furthermore, this year, 20% of all A-Levels taken resulted in an A*, up from 13% in 2018, 11% in 2017 and 6% in 2016. The national average this year in the UK was 8% of all A-Levels achieving an A* grade. This context really demonstrates how excellent our pupils’ A-Level results were this year and are a testament to the hard work of pupils and teachers throughout the school.


There were many cases of outstanding individual success stories, none stronger than Konstantinos Kapoutsis who scored four A* across his four A-Levels – the highest grades in A-Level in recent years. Maria Avrantini, Efstratios Chatzieleftheriou, Xinyi Liao and Dimitris Rallis all achieved at least two A*s among their A-Levels.


Our A-Level pupils are now off to a wide range of universities and colleges around the world, with the majority heading for the UK to universities such as Imperial College London, the University of Bath, The University of St. Andrews, King’s College London, The University of Durham, and the University of Manchester to name just a few.




At AS-Level, where the highest possible grade is A, (there is no A*), our results were again very strong. The proportion of exams that scored an A grade was 40% - exactly the same as in 2018 and up from 27% two years ago in 2017. The proportion of AS-Levels that scored a C grade or better was 73%, up from 69% last year and 59% two years ago.


Ioanna Moirasgenti secured five A grades across her five subjects. To score an A grade, a pupil needs 80%. Ioanna’s lowest mark was 94%! She scored a perfect 100% in Mathematics AS-Level and 99% in both Physics and Chemistry AS-Levels!


Andreas Hagis, Dimitris Monokandilos, Harry Karaiossifides and Yueyang Li all achieved four A grades at AS-Level and many other pupils managed multiple A grades. Congratulations to them all!



At IGCSE, 63 candidates sat for a total of 420 separate IGCSE qualifications – a number that was up from the 386 IGCSEs sat in 2018. The standards of our pupils’ achievements over the years has been remarkably high and this year was no exception. 47% of all the IGCSEs taken resulted in either an A or A* grade being awarded – slightly up on last year’s 45%. Furthermore, 80% resulted in at least a C grade (slightly down on last year) and the proportion of candidates who achieved at least five IGCSE grades of C or better remained the same as the average over the last five years, demonstrating our pupils are sustaining the high standards set in previous years.

It is worth noting that this year’s cohort of IGCSE pupils contained a larger proportion of pupils who had arrived at our school with little or no English skills than in previous years. Viewed in this context, the IGCSE results are particularly impressive. 

There were a number of pupils who individually excelled at IGCSE, notably Markella Papadopoulou (6A*s/3As); Jake Paternoster (6A*/3A); George Savvas (6A*/1A/2B) and Eleni Kalenti (5A*/6A).

Hard work and excellence

Headmaster Phil Holden was keen to point out that all the public examination results represented success for the pupils and the school. He commented, “these stunning results demonstrate how committed out pupils have been in their studies over the years. They have been supported by wonderful school staff and teachers and so I congratulate the pupils and thank the staff of the school who have all contributed to our pupils’ success. Exam results are the product of more than a few weeks of revision before the day of the exam – they are representative of years of learning, with guidance and support from teachers and staff right across the school. Times like this make me very proud to be head of our school and very thankful to work with such wonderful staff and pupils”.