On-The-Spot Senior School

The ‘On-The-Spot’ Painting and Drawing Competition took place last weekend at Campion School and it was a lovely event that saw a number of international schools from the Attica area take part. Contestant’s ages ranged from 5-16 years.
The following five pupils from St. Lawrence College took part:

Alexandra Mavromichalis (Year 7)
Dorothea Svistunova ( Year 8)
Chen Yunhan (Emily) (Year 9 )
Yang Xueying (Rose) (Year 9) 
Elene Lomtatidze (Year 10)

It was an exciting  morning for our pupils, there was a lot of energy and artistic passion shown. They had worked very hard to prepare their ideas on the theme of ‘Nature’ in the weeks prior to the competition. We wish them the best of luck for the judging, but most importantly congratulate them all for taking the time to participate in this worthy event. A special thanks to Ms. Poulimenakos and Ms. Delikoura for accompanying and supporting the pupils. Congratulations too to Dorothea and Emily who came runner up in their age group!