Rising to the Mathematics Challenge

Rising to the Mathematics Challenge Senior School

This year pupils from St. Lawrence College were given the opportunity to test their Mathematics ability by participating in two competitions organised by the United Kingdom Mathematics Trust (UKMT).

In February, 47 pupils from Years 9, 10 and 11 competed against school children from across the globe in the Intermediate Mathematics Challenge. With only the top scoring 40% of all participants being awarded a Bronze, Silver or Gold Certificate, we were extremely proud to learn that 70% of our pupils had reached the required standard with 10 pupils being awarded a Gold Certificate and three of those, Xuchen Meng, Jingyue Zhai and Kristian Narsesian, scoring high enough to qualify for the Canley Olympiad. A full list of certificate winners can be found below but congratulations to everyone who took part and even though the Olympiad was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic, our first year of competition at Intermediate Level can definitely be considered a success.

After much delay, the Junior Mathematics Challenge, originally scheduled for April 30th, finally took place online on Friday 19th and was a great way to finish the year. Nineteen Year 7 and 8 pupils responded to the challenge. We wish them the best of luck with their results which will be available on July 8th. All certificates will be presented in September but until then we wish our budding mathematicians a happy and safe summer and look forward to seeing them again next year at the E = mclunchtime club to prepare for more challenges!

Gold Certificate Winners:

Xuchen Meng (Y9) (Best-in-school, Best-in-year), Jingyue Zhai (Y11 -Best-in-year), Kristian Narsesian (Y9), Emily Chen (Y9), Wilson Wang (Y10 - Best-in-year), Wenjing Jin (Jenny) (Y11), Yuqian Liao (Y10), Jiayan Ye (Y10), Lynne Huang (Y11), Ying Yikai (Y10).

Silver Certificate Winners:

Zihan Ding (Y10), Huijie Su (Y9), Dingnan Huang (Y10), Kexin Chong (Y9), Zuyi Wang (Y9), Selina Xing (Y11), Xueying Yang (Y9), Yun Li (Y9), Baoyue Zhang (Y10), Georgios Lazos (Y11).

Bronze Certificate Winners:

 Ziyue Gan (Miya) (Y9), Keying Chong (Y9), Shuqi Ren (Y10), Jingxuan Huang (Y9), Shiwen Liu (Y9), Katerina Leontakianakou (Y9), Huanyu Zhang (Y10), Jin Wenchuang (Y11), Junyao Jiang (Y9), Timothy Tay (Y10), Anna Sokolova (Y10), Ivan Cado (Y9), Stella Stojanov (Y10)