British Physics Olympiad

British Physics Olympiad Senior School

On Friday March 12th, the Senior School Physics department took part in the British Physics Olympiad’s Intermediate Physics Challenge for Year 11; a UK national competition. In this competition, high achieving students of Physics are encouraged to participate with the key aim of trying out questions that make them think more deeply. Unlike previous years, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s competition consisted of two multiple choice question papers and took place entirely online.

Despite the short notice and the great deal of pressure they are under, 14 of our Year 11 pupils embraced the challenge and made a huge success out of it, winning 6 Gold awards, 7 Silvers and 1 Bronze. It is worth pointing out that Gold was awarded to only 865 out of a total of 4,710 pupils (18.4%) amongst 204 schools who participated in the competition.

Our pupils filled us with pride and we wish to share with you and celebrate their success!

Yuqian Liao
Marilia Samiou
Sabrina Ren
Timothy Tay
Yikai Ying
Yidi Fang
Dingnan Huang
Huanyu Zhang
Nikos Synodinos
Zihan Ding
Karin Vartanian
Elina Kastrinaki
Anna Argyrou
Klein Chen


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