Year 9 Action Science project

Year 9 Action Science project Senior School

For the past few weeks, our Year 9 pupils have put their brains and hearts into creating their own science projects which we are delighted to be sharing with you.

The pupils chose the topics, all of which link to our Year 9 science curriculum. They examined their topic thoroughly, often devoting much of their personal time as this went beyond their normal science work.

First, the children engaged in pupil-directed secondary research, which entails learning from relevant articles. Then they designed their own primary research to learn more about their chosen issue by distributing online surveys to other pupils in the senior and junior school of St. Lawrence College. Their final step was to think of a way they could use those findings to counter each problem by informing members of the public and influence them to bring about change. Three of the projects aim to inform through the creation of videos and one in the form of an article and a petition.

Through their actions, the children illustrate valuable skills such as critical thinking, care, responsibility and courage. At a time when meaningful communication has become more difficult, these pupils managed to express themselves and take a vital step towards becoming active citizens. Throughout the duration of these projects, they demonstrated resilience, overcame obstacles and collaborated despite the challenging circumstances.

Below you can find the results of all this hard work:

  • a video on sound pollution, by Fang Fei Liu, Han Xu, Zihan Zhang and Yuxuan Sun - Click here
  • a video on skin cosmetics, by Arthur Bastos Ferreira and Stefanos Peralta Galanopoulos - Click here
  • a video on artificial ultraviolet tanning by Harry Tsanis - Click here
  • an article on energy drinks, by Dorothea Svistunova - Click here

Congratulations to all of them!