Public exams are back, and the results are outstanding!

Public exams are back, and the results are outstanding! Senior School

May and June 2022 saw the return of public exams for our school’s eldest pupils. These were the first public exams to be held since 2019 as a consequence of the global pandemic. This year’s A-Level and AS-Level results have now been released and the results achieved by the Year 12 and Year13 pupils of our school are truly remarkable!


At full A-Level, which marks the final qualifications a pupil takes in a British school, 52 candidates took 170 A-Levels. This was a greater number of A-Level pupils and entries than ever before at our school. The standard of the grades achieved would be considered outstanding in any year. But when it is noted that because of the covid pandemic, these pupils had never taken public exams before (all exams were cancelled in 2020 and 2021) and that these pupils experienced disruption over the last two years through all manner of covid-related impacts and restrictions in school, their results can only be considered as brilliant.

Of all the A-Levels taken, 22% resulted in in A* grade and 54% in an A or A* grade. This was markedly up on the 20% and 51% respectively from 2019, which was the last time exams were held. Furthermore, an astonishing three out of every four (75%) of all A-Levels taken resulted in a grade in the A*/A/B range.

A number of exceptional performances stand out. These include Lin Ning Huang (3A*1A), Ioannis Kontomihos, Katrina Lemane and Danyl Tsaran (3A*), Athanasios Kapoutsis, Leda Persidi and Zoe Raptis (2A*2A), Isabella Karaiossifidi and Nikolaos Zairis (1A*3A) and Marina Vassiliadis (4A).

And on to higher education!

Our school leavers are heading off to universities both in the UK and elsewhere in the world. UK destinations include UCL, Lancaster, Sussex, St. Andrews, Edinburgh, Surrey and many other locations, while other school leavers have chosen universities in France, Italy, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic and the USA for their higher education. Our school leavers will study a wide range of subjects, including Medicine, Politics Philosophy and Economics (PPE), Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, History, Applied Mathematics, Psychology, International Hospitality Management, Computer Science.


At AS-Level, a whopping 85 pupils took 282 exams, which is comfortably the largest number of AS-Level candidates in a single exam session in the history of our school. As with those pupils who sat A-Levels, these pupils had never taken any public exams before as a consequence of the pandemic and also had experienced disruptions and restrictions through their recent education. Nevertheless, the collective performance of this large group was truly impressive and well up on the most recent AS-Level exams from 2019. This year’s cohort of pupils managed an A grade in 53% of all AS-Levels, compared to 41% in 2019. Likewise, this year an extraordinary 81% of all AS-Levels resulted in a grade in the A-C range (2019: 73%)

There were 16 pupils who scored four A grades, and standing out among those top performances were Nikolaos Synodinos with five A grades and Leandros Mandilaris with four A grades plus one B.


Pupils in Year 11 who sat their IGCSEs also have all their results now – well, nearly. They are still waiting for their GCSE Greek results which, being a different qualification from the IGCSEs, sees grades being released one week later. A full analysis of these results will appear in due course once the Greek results are known, but already it is clear that our Year 11 pupils have done very well indeed.

Reaction from the Headmaster

St. Lawrence College’s Headmaster, Phil Holden, commented “All these pupils have been through so much in recent years through no fault of their own. They have worked through lockdowns, online lessons, periods of having to self-isolate and quarantine, and restrictions in school in the classrooms, playgrounds, and extracurricular activities. It isn’t easy to wear a mask all the time in school, and to learn from teachers who are also wearing masks. What is more, it has been well-publicised in the British media that A-Level grades are down this year globally. Given all that, what a fantastic achievement it has been to see our pupils do so well at A-Level and AS-Level. I congratulate them, am immensely proud of them, and wish those who are leaving us the very best of luck. Likewise, I thank all the teachers and staff of the school who have worked so brilliantly and who have made it possible for our pupils to reach these dizzying standards. We are fortunate to have such a wonderful staff and I am in awe of their achievement through what has been such a challenging period of time for many reasons”.