Year 6 Historians

Year 6 Historians Junior School

On Tuesday 9th November 2021, the Year 6 pupils went on one of two trips – the first to the War Museum in Athens and the second to a pottery centre. The War Museum, which is the largest museum of military history in Greece and one of the largest in South-eastern Europe has impressive exhibits from antiquity until more recent history. Pupils observed the historical unfolding of events through unique pieces of art showing the struggles of the Greek nation.  

The second group headed off to the Greek Pottery Centre in Maroussi where they created clay objects. In the first session, they used a pottery wheel to craft clay pots. During the second, they created their own ‘clay artefacts’ in a traditional way using their hands, creativity and imagination, without involving any machinery.  

All pupils agreed they’d been on a trip to remember! 

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